Plastic Injection Molding

ABS plastic molding is a great material to use, because it is inexpensive and has a strong breakage resistance. we have the relations to subcontract your product in our reliable Vietnamese supplier network. From automotive and medical parts till electronics and solar

CNC Machining

We offer CNC milling and lathe services from medium till large production runs. We process machining on aluminum, zinc & zamak die casting parts. And for steel & stainless steel.

Stamping & Deep drawing

We organize the stamping, deep drawing and (hydraulic) pressing of your parts from 10mm till 2 meter. Aluminum, steel, stainless, brass are processed on machines between 20 and 1000 ton. We source, assembly, pack and ship your parts after quality control is done.

Aluminum extrusion profiles

Aluminum extrusion profiles for solar industry, fencing, hardware is where we are specialized in.

Automobile & Motorbike parts

We produce a wide variety of car, motorbike and ATV accessories. Made from anodized aluminum or powder coated steel

Sheet metal fabrication

Fabrication of sheet metal kiosks, shrouds, housings, welding and other sheet metal parts. From mono parts, till complete assemblies, including coating, plating, assembly, quality control and packaging. Aluminium, brass, copper, stainless steel and steel are some of the materials we work with.