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Sheet Metal Cabinets

Reliable Sheet Metal Fabrication Services at ABC Vietnam Manufacturing

Are you in search of a dependable partner for your sheet metal cabinets fabrication needs? Look no further! At ABC Vietnam Manufacturing, we specialize in producing high-quality sheet metal products that meet your exact specifications and standards. Whether you require steel, aluminum, or stainless steel enclosures, housings, or cabinets, we’ve got you covered.

Why Choose ABC Vietnam Manufacturing?

  1. Experience: With over 15 years of expertise in the sheet metal industry across Europe, the USA, and Australia, we bring unparalleled knowledge and skill to every project.
  2. Diverse Sectors: Our clientele spans various sectors, including:
    • Industrial
    • Commercial
    • Medical
    • Automotive
    • Hardware
    • Electrics
    • Solar
    • Vehicle accessories

Quality and Precision

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the advanced processes and cutting-edge technologies we employ. These ensure the quality and precision of our sheet metal cabinets and housings. Here’s how we achieve it:

  1. CNC Machining: Our computer numerical control (CNC) machining guarantees accurate and consistent results.
  2. Laser Cutting: High-precision laser cutting for intricate designs.
  3. Turret Punching: Efficient and precise hole punching.
  4. Clinching: Secure joining of metal components.
  5. CNC Bending: Accurate bending for desired shapes.
  6. TIG and MIG Welding: Expert welding techniques.

Enhancing Durability and Appearance

We go beyond production to enhance the durability and aesthetics of our sheet metal products. Our post-process treatments include:

  1. Powder Coating: Provides a protective layer and a polished finish.
  2. ED Coating: Electrodeposition coating for corrosion resistance.
  3. Zinc Plating: Adds a protective zinc layer.
  4. Anodizing: Enhances surface hardness and color options.
  5. PVD Coating: Physical vapor deposition for wear resistance.
  6. Hot Dip Galvanizing: Immersion in molten zinc for robust protection.

Customization and Service Excellence

As our experienced cabinet factory Vietnam, we understand that each project is unique. Customize your sheet metal products according to your specific requirements and desired timeline. Our foreign-trained team of technicians and workers is adept at handling challenges and delivering exceptional results.

We take pride in being one of the leading sheet metal fabricators in Vietnam. Trust ABC Vietnam Manufacturing for top-notch service, quality, and value.

etal fabricators in Vietnam. Trust ABC Vietnam Manufacturing for top-notch service, quality, and value.