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CNC Machining

CNC Milling and Machining in Vietnam

Discover Precision Engineering: Our Vietnamese factory is at the forefront of CNC milling and machining. We specialize in transforming raw metals into precision parts with exceptional accuracy. Furthermore, our commitment to excellence ensures that every component we produce meets the most stringent quality standards.

Metal Turning Techniques

Crafting Perfection: Our advanced metal turning techniques set us apart. Not only do we focus on creating functional components, but we also pride ourselves on the aesthetic finish of each piece. Additionally, our turning processes are streamlined for maximum efficiency, ensuring timely delivery for all our clients.

Comprehensive Surface Treatment Solutions

Enhancing Durability and Aesthetics: We offer a range of surface treatments to enhance the durability and appearance of metal components. These include:

  • Powder Coating: Providing a durable and attractive finish.
  • Anodizing: Offering enhanced corrosion resistance and surface hardness.
  • Zinc Plating: Delivering excellent corrosion protection in harsh environments.
  • ED Coating: Ensuring superior paint adhesion and rust prevention.
  • Chrome Plating: Adding a high-gloss finish and additional corrosion resistance.

Quality Assurance in Detail

Our Promise to You: Quality is embedded in our DNA. Therefore, we employ rigorous quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process. Moreover, our factory is equipped with cutting-edge inspection equipment to ensure that every product meets our high-quality standards.

Your Strategic Partner for Metal Fabrication

Innovation Through Collaboration: Choosing our factory as your partner means gaining access to a team that’s relentlessly pursuing innovation in metal fabrication. Hence, our comprehensive CNC services, including milling, machining, turning, and surface treatments, are your gateway to achieving success in your projects.

Vietnam is an excellent country to produce machined parts. CNC milling and CNC lathes are widely found and products can be produced on a very cost effective way, which makes it even more attractive than manufacturing these parts in China or other low cost countries. The supply chain for these products is stable and reliable for producing and sending products to the EU, USA, Canada and Australia.

We work together with reliable companies which have a local or good imported source for their raw materials. Including material or 3.1.b certificates. We offer to machine the following parts from aluminum:
-Extruded profile
-Die casted
-Aluminium Round bar
-Aluminum square and rectangular bar
-Aluminium round tub